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Fats vary in functions. It can be a source of energy and provide necessary roles for cellular functioning. However, it can also increase the risk of cardiovascular ailments wherein the affected parts are the heart and blood vessels.  Fats that cause these threats include saturated fats, trans fatty acids, and cholesterol. Types of Fat Saturated [...]

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Alzheimer’s patients often wander around and when they are housed in care facilities, they sometimes leave the facility completely. It is a natural thing for them to do once having been struck by the disease. Finding them once they have wandered off is a search and rescue operation all by itself. The other thing about [...]

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Alzheimer’s is not curable. It is with love and care that we actually reduce the symptoms in the Alzheimer’s patients. It’s more of managing it that is the immediate solution of the hour than the actual curing of it. This behavior management is a very important lesson that people who take care of Alzheimer’s patients [...]

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Dementia is by definition the inability to function mentally. It’s not a illness or a disease but rather it is a number of symptoms which showcase as a result of various other illnesses and diseases. It largely tends to occur in elderly people. The statistics say that between 5 and 8 per cent of people [...]

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It is yet a mystery as to what indeed causes Alzheimer’s disease. Study so far has brought about three strong possible reasons. The strongest among them all, called cholinergic hypothesis, has been utilized to design the present treatment system. It is based on the fact that lack of neurotransmitter acetylcholine is its cause. Another hypothesis [...]

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Families with Alzheimer’s Disease patients suffer a great deal with agitation behavior of the patient when he or she is going through the mid stages of the disease. The disease reaches this stage after a year of Alzheimer’s striking – the resultant behavior to control which experts say an environment change is what is required. [...]

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Alzheimer’s disease can’t really be solved by a food routine but it has been noticed that a good amount of nutrition helps to reduce symptoms. Such a nutritional plan includes eating food with equal number of components alongside exercising. One must choose foods well keeping away from saturated cholesterol and fat, excessive sugar usage, regulated [...]

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No one has really figured out the exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease. It is speculated after studies on the subject that it exists because of genetic factors among others. Genetic research of Alzheimer’s disease right now is focused on heredity factor in the process – how qualities and illnesses transfer from the parent to the [...]

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Alzheimer’s disease is found to occur in three forms. 1) Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease 2) Late-Onset Alzheimer’s disease 3) Familial Alzheimer’s disease Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease: A rare form of the disease, it has hit less than one tenth of all Alzheimer’s patients. People who get Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease are diagnosed always before the age of 65. [...]

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It is well known that these days dementia cannot be cured. There, though, are things that you and I can do in order to better treat dementia in a way that can actually prevent it not strictly medically but. This has been a result of an international initiative to pin down ways to treat Alzheimer [...]

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